Thursday, August 26, 2010

Complaining Carma

Just this week I had a good mothering moment, these happen but like most of life are minimalized by the bad, so to give myself a much needed pat on the back I will focus on the positive.
 We had a long, busy weekend with family, friends and late nights, the very next day Monday to be precise I was waiting in Town for Nathan to finish work. I had 3 hours to fill so we went to a park and Matthias was the owner of Magical Moos, Magical Milkshakes and served me, well many people who looked just like "me" handfuls of sticks.
Then we went to the store you should never, ever go to when your 3 boys are remotely tired or hungry. In fact I now know why they have a bowl of assorted candy at the door on your way in though one little candy that is packaged like a strawberry is not in a million years going to get you through Ikea even when you use all the short cuts to go to the childrens aria, then straight to the As-Is section. By the time we got there Benjamin was hungry and demanding, "cake" which he has decided is what he would like to replace his Na-na demands with so to the hotdog stand we go with Benjamin saying with desperation "dog, dog" all the way there, I guess in his mind he was that hungry even if dog is all I was going to offer. 
We sit down, all 4 of us at a one chair table,  I put Benjamin on the chair with his dog and start the  duty of politely asking for chairs that everyone seems to think I must do as punishment for having so many children, they are sitting there watching and not seeing their arm or foot casually resting on spare chairs. Matthias is complaining about needing ketchup so I get some, then relish so I open some, then he is thirsty- all within about 10 seconds, that is how good I am while also finding 3 more chairs and keeping Benjamin eating without dropping his dog which is plain and covered in ketchup with no bun, I tell Matthias to stop complaining and have some water which he takes and... drops all over himself! A very large cup of very cold icy water with very big ice cubes floating around in it and I laughed,  it was simply funny, I guess I am very past the point of being serious (if I was ever there to start with) so yes I laughed at my own son while Ethan brought me loads of napkins and Matthias cries about being very cold. We survied with little to no damage, the boys left with full bellies and a bag of chips, though Matthias was complaining about wanting juice. Needless to say bedtime was a blessed relief on Monday night which was about 2 hours early and about 4 hours too late. An observation may be that the self proclamed "good mothering moment" is not acurate due to the fact that I laughed at my own son in public when he was in distress. My argument is that that hands down it is better than yelling.

A Start

How does one start a blog? What to write, Who will read, What to say, Who about? The questions go round and round and so the title of this blog is created, out of uncertinty comes simple truth. A meaning, circumference, continuing round and round ever changing but wholy the same. Such is my life, time goes by meanings, oppionions, self, all change and I hope for the better.
A Circumference of thought on various topics or in otherwords my opinion which I hope will always be flexible yet whole.
Also a photo gallery and place to save the forgetfull things in life that should never be forgotton.