Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Amazingness of Occasionality

   The boys got outfitted with goggles, elbow pads, knee pads, jerseys, braces, helmets and boots. There was a small amount of drama when awesome cool items had to be swapped out for other awesome cool items that fit better, but everyone was outfitted in the end and we set off for a nice quiet drive, down nice quiet roads, amid peaceful trees and farms. We passed the biggest pig I have ever seen, I seriously thought it was a cow at first and am still deliberating with myself as to the possibility of crossing a pig with a cow. We drove for an hour to get out of the city into the country to go and breath in some pollution, but all for a good cause.
   The boys were attending their first ever Motocross Camp. Which also happened to be a Haunted House and all you can eat candy bar. I am glad I am a Super Mother and brought water with me (that's right, in my world all you need to do is bring bottled water and presto you are Super Mom) who ever heard of all you can eat candy but not water. I guess this is what the world is coming to.
Needless to say the boys all fell more than promptly asleep in the car on the way home, I know perfect teeth rotting conditions and it's not even Halloween yet!
  The boys all felt very, very, very important and cool and amazing which are all good things for little boys to feel occasionally the occasionality strictly depending on their genetic makeup.
   They rode and ate and rode and ate and rode and ate yet some more candy. They learned how to corner, how to jump, how to start off a line, how to race, how to pass, and more. Including how to fall and how to barely avoid crashing head on with a stationary tractor, the last two being voluntary learning which we are all for around here.
   Their favorite part was riding the whole track which seemed so huge to them and so much fun. Nate even got to go for a few rides with them and passed a poor kid who crashed into the trees by the tractor, turned out to be his own son! But he was just fine and can't wait to go again, the fame this brought him could have been the highlight of the day which may be a close second to the sucker or the whoops needless to say he/they/all can't wait to go again next year.
   The Haunted house was just haunting enough and more anticipated than the new Harry Potter movie coming out. The Haunted house was deliberated on for a good half hour as to weather or not it would be too scary, too scary, or too scary! Turns out it was too scary but it was a good thing and, "maybe could have been scarier but probably not."




 Waiting to be bigger


Keeping an eye on Tractor Boy

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oatmeal and Ursula

   I would be sorely misleading if I gave anyone the impression that my circumference of thought did not include food! The main problem being I have no talent and neither does my camera for taking pictures of food. Something that is warm and smells divine when clicked by my camera becomes cold, flat and tasteless, I need a camera that also detects smell and temperature, some people have this knack...I will have to keep practicing or just rely on words for some recipes.
Recipe #1 Oatmeal.
   Oatmeal and I have had a love/hate relationship until recently. When I was young it was the stuff you ate so you could eat more of the stuff you wanted to as in, "Mom can I have Alphabets for breakfast?" "After you eat your oatmeal you can have any cereal you want."
    Once some friends were visiting from out of town and we made a big pot of oatmeal because being good children we knew the rule and wanted to eat lots and lots of sugar cereal, so we made a huge pot of oatmeal because we all were "starving" probably about 10 cups of it and added about 10 times too much salt. It was awful. Our hopes of sugar cereal vanished with one taste but luckily for me one of the children volunteered to eat the whole pot in order for us all to have any cereal we wanted, we cheered her on and we all got the cereal(s) of our choice (except for her as she was too full to even think of eating applejack's)
  I have tired just about every oatmeal variation I could come up with, my favorite for a while was oatmeal with jam in it.
   One day oatmeal changed from what you eat because it's good for you to what you eat because it's good. I was visiting an elderly lady who was a friend of my fiance, she invited us over for breakfast and of course the first course of breakfast guessed it, oatmeal which was the point I started looking around for mini-wheats but the oatmeal was delicious, nutty and creamy and actually tasted really good. Like the polite, modest lady she is when I asked her how to make it she just said, "oh it's just oatmeal, would you like some more?"
   So my quest to make oatmeal began, cooked hot, cooked slow, cooked in milk, thick oats, quick oats, thin oats, served with sugar, served with butter, served with cream, none measured up.
Recently though I think I have found it, or else it has been so long that I have forgotten what the original tasted like but either way this is excellent oatmeal especially on these cool mornings.

1 Cup Steel Cut Oats
1 TBSP Yogurt - as plain and pure as you can get
1 1/2 Cups room temperature water
Mix the yogurt onto the chunks of oats with a spoon till the oats are all coated, add room temperature water, cover with a cloth or plate, let sit on the counter about 12 hours or all night.
 Boil 1 1/2 cups of water, add soaked oatmeal mixture bring back to a boil then turn down heat and simmer for about 10-15 minutes.
Serve with butter, maple syrup or brown sugar and milk.

Serves 2-4 depending on how much of a morning appetite you have or how much sugar cereal your children are drooling over.

Lost: Right arm. Reward.

   I am sitting here hunched over my computer with my arm in a homemade scarf sling. I went to the farmers market Saturday and bought my weight in meat and fresh veggies. Walking around carrying my bags I felt like my arm was going to fall off and apparently it did, to a degree. I'm happy I resisted purchasing the gigantic warty pumpkins because then I would have had to carry my arm home too.      
   Fortunately we went to Ikea Saturday and purchased a desk which is the perfect height to rest my arm on while typing with no pain but I must resist the ease of the computer and hope that the table is also the perfect height to rest my arm on while I figure out how to sew 2 Halloween costumes one handed.
   I need to make a Link costume and a Hoth Rebel Trooper. I was feeling very resourceful when I realized I could use the old cover from the couch to make a Trooper costume to which costume-ee responded, "well you are going to have to cut it", I guess he thought I would just wrap him in the couch cover. I told him of course I would cut it and sew it and it would look great, after a moment of thought he said, "well I guess I could just go as a couch."
  I guess I have been much more impressed with my "homemade" Halloween costumes in the past than they have. I think the Costco Halloween isle has made them a little bitter toward me and my Halloween ethics of homemade costumes, probably because no matter how scary of a costume they request, there is always a bit of a funny side too.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Circumference of a Thought...or naught

   There is a pile of papers to go through on my kitchen counter, enough that when the boys eat I have to remind them all day not to get food on the, "pile" but I am going to sit here and write about concussions because anything, even this topic is more fun than going through the mail and bills and junk and bits of random stuff from all over the house. For someone who does not build things why oh why do I always have screws and nails in my pile of leftovers from tiding the house?
    The most exciting thing that has happened in my life recently was when my son got a concussion, I know, I should get out more and I am thinking he should get out less but hear me out.
   We were at these little sand hills with rubber mats on them and the boys were jumping their bikes off the top. I was over on the other side of the hill with the baby and did not see but heard the thump crunch of one of them crashing once again. Apparently he jumped and landed then went off over his handle bars right onto the top of his helmet. (It would probably help if he stood on his pedals instead of throwing his feet off the pedals and sitting on his seat as his bike hauls him through the air). But what do I know!

Incase you are wondering or have 3 boys like I do here is some pertanant information:
That -disclaimer- should not replace the advice of your Doctor.

When one gets a concussion the first 12 hours are the most dangerous. Wake up concussion-ed every hour if they are sleeping and make sure their pupils dilate in both eyes at the same rate.
Keep constant surveillance for first 12 hours
Keep close surveillance for first 24 hours
Make sure they know people, place and time.
Can take Tylenol for pain,
Don't take anything to keep food down as it can make one drowsy
Arnica homeopathic remedy worked well for pain

Rush to the hospital if:
Person does not wake up
Has different sized pupils
Is projectile vomiting
Has a fever
Has blood coming out of nose or ears
Has any fluid coming out of nose or ears

It's OK if:
They want to sleep
They are throwing up
Their head really, really hurts
They feel dizzy but can still walk
They are not hungry

   I can remember, amazingly enough, getting a concussion when I was about 11 years old. I was riding my horse and jumped across a ditch onto a gravel road and somehow landed right on top of my helmet, (It would probably have helped if I stood in the stirrups instead of throwing my feet out to the side and sitting on my saddle as my horse hauled me through the air). But what did I know!
   I can remember just wanting to sleep and sleep and I did, for 3 days! My mom kept waking me up and it was so annoying to me because I just wanted to sleep and she would make me touch my toes and put my chin on my chest and random stuff like that and all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep and she would bring me plate after plate piled with beef and gravy and I would eat maybe 3 mouthfuls before I was sleeping again and she kept turning on movies and kept me on the couch probably hoping that the noise would wake me up but I just slept and slept. My friend was visiting from out of town and she went home horrified and told her mom that I had died and that my Mom was just leaving me on the couch.