Friday, February 11, 2011

Symptoms of ?

I find myself finding great joy in rinsing, scrubbing and sterilizing the kitchen garbage and recycling cans.
I can smell what peoples houses smell like inside when I am walking by on the sidewalk.
I can not even think about thinking about writing about eating the leftovers in my fridge.
All I want to eat is clam chowder, pretty much anything that contains my daily quota of calories in a half cup serving sounds delicious.
I change my pillowcase every morning.
I bought giant lavender dryer tea bags to put in my bedroom so I could walk through it to take a shower before 2 pm.
I try not to think of what I am going to make for dinner until I am eating it.
I hate and love breakfast, I think I hate it more.
Nathan smells like a man, usually in the good way - the old spice way.
I make the boys take out the garbage almost every day instead of once a week.
I washed the couch, I washed the beanbag chair, I washed the couch pillows and the throw pillows.
I need to learn how to clean my oven, it smells, that's how much we have moved in the ten years we have been married, I have never cleaned an oven before.
I have cups of baking soda balanced precariously in my fridge at nose level.
I can't bring myself to clean the bathroom.
Walking by KFC smells like they keep live chickens in the dumpsters - maybe they do, OK I can't go there.
I am always hungry I am always full.
I am freezing and too warm.
I am tired and exhausted.
I am tired and productive.
I am tired and sleeping.
I am tired and simply staying awake.
I am excited and sad.
I am mad and happy.
I am pregnant!

Be My Valentine


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icky Sickies

   Sickies around here lately. So nothing of note in the form of real life excitement. When your house is full of sickies weird things start to make your day and give one a false sense of excitement and adventure, such as finding enjoyment and satisfaction in making a wooden Thomas train track for the twelfth time of the day and organizing all the myriads of trains into neat lines and feeling a great sense of accomplishment because you managed to use all the pieces; or feeling like a great inventive cook because you invented boxed soup with peas and boxed soup with corn and boxed soup with rice - you get the picture. At least my self esteem as a mother is not affected because everyone is so grumpy it doesn't matter what I do, everyone just cries and complains which makes my job easier as now I am just simply "Evil Taskmaster" and you are either eating something you hate, doing something you hate or you are in your bed. I really tried making things they like, such as pork and potatoes but they complained as much as on soup days so I thought to myself well soup is easier and I love soup so we will eat soup, soup, soup it's healthier for the sickies anyways.
   Luckily, thankfully, gratefully I am not sick but am not feeling my best what with being cooped up with complainers and not getting more than an hour of sleep at a time if this post is a bit disjointed it's because I am taking breaks to stare at the wall.
   Honestly it's just a very bad cold that reportedly starts with a very, very, very sore throat then where baby is concerned croup and wheezing all night then a very runny nose and a nasty, nasty cough. There seem to also be stomach issues involved in the form of having to change the baby's diaper every 20 minutes and him getting multiple baths a day and Nathan lying in bed for hours and hours while turning greener and greener as the smell of dinner cooking wafted up the stairs.
I'm pretty sure I can be guaranteed a better week next week even if I get sick.

For those of you who are feeling fine and chipper and feel like making some very yummy pork chops these are my favorite.

4 pork chops

Mix together
2 eggs
1TBSP Dijon mustard
Roll the pork in the egg mixture.

1-2 cups bread crumbs
salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, etc.
Then roll the pork in the bread crumb mixture.

Cook on a rack in the oven, not the rack in the oven. I use a cookie cooling rack balanced on top of a cake pan. 400 for about 30 minutes depending on how thick your pork chops are.