Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Advent Adventure

1. Decorate the house for Christmas
2. Go to a friends for dinner and game night
3. Make a Christmas collage for your door, write letter to Santa
4. Make an ornament
5. Make Shortbread
6. Go Bowling
7. Make popcorn and cranberry chains for the tree
8. Go cut down Christmas tree at farm
9. Decorate Christmas tree
10. Make a wreath for the door
11. I love you because jar, make peppermint pennies
12. Go swimming at the pool
13. Make paper snowflakes, put on windows
14. Drink hot cocoa by the fire, read Christmas books
15. Ward Christmas Party
16. Take pictures by Christmas tree, play m&m Parcheesi
17. Set the table fancy, daddy brings dinner home
18. Camp out in the living room, make gingerbread cookies
19. Go ice-skating
20. Deliver Christmas treats to friends
21. Make Smores over the fire, watch a Christmas movie
22. Make gingerbread house cake
23. Go caroling
24. Drive to look at Christmas lights, listen to Baby Jesus story from Bible on Ipod.

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