Thursday, December 13, 2012

The circumference of me!

   Who am I? Why is this question even one? Can't I be Who am I! Because this will never change, time will pass on and on and Who am I or Who I am changes season of life to season of life.
   This is one of the most prized and glorious parts of life, the unexpectedness of gradual change.
   I originally wanted these writings to be my time but my time is obsolete times four, children erase time and they create time they make time more meaningful and make you wish time would either stop or hurry by.
  My life at this season is my children and as such these writings become who I am and in extension who am I?
   I am a mother, a part of cherished memories given as gifts all around me. Who am I! A Mother! the thought at times restricting but most usually exhilarating.


  1. How do I leave a comment on such profound insight. I love your writing you are gifted and I enjoy reading your thoughts. thanks for sharing.